T – 6 days and counting…

All continues to go smoothly with the countdown toward the great OotC relaunch on Jan 15. I’m working hard behind the scenes, both to resurrect some old OotC features, and also to introduce some new ones. Stay tuned, or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Still trying to answer that question…

The question is: What is OotC all about? So far, we’ve established that space is important because you would not exist without it, and that you have a tangible connection with space, because you are literally made of bits of old stars.

That is all interesting, but you’re just as alive not knowing it. It might give you some perspective on space, but it doesn’t mean that you have to care about it. What makes space really compelling is not our connection with it from the past, but where it’s going to take us in the future.

Space for a positive future

Out of the Cradle is literally about the grand enterprise of humankind learning to live and settle in places beyond the confines of planet Earth. Space is important not only for its innate (though often overlooked) connection with each of us, it’s important because of the great potential it offers for the future of humanity.

Space is a place of abundant room, abundant energy, and abundant resources. On Earth, they are finite and become the object of zero-sum games. Wars are fought over these things. In space, they are for all intents and purposes limitless, and there for the taking. We have only to learn how to make use of them economically.

But how?

That’s the crux of the problem, of course – all that energy, those metals, that room, it’s all out there right now. We’re not making use of it because of the incredible expense and difficulty of, first of all just getting there. No precious metal mined from an asteroid, to take an example, could be extracted and returned to Earth today for profit. It would cost more to do that than mine it here on Earth.

But once we solve the undeniably difficult problems of economically reaching and working beyond the Earth, space is going to be a place where humanity prospers greatly.

How that will play out, we don’t know yet. But the process has already begun, and Out of the Cradle will be here chronicling it as it happens.

There’s amazing stuff going on right now, as people and organizations work to untie the Gordian knot of the great Space Catch-22. What’s that? More tomorrow.

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