T – 5 days and counting…

Only five days to go now to the launch. Still heaps of stuff to do to get ready, but it is happening. And deadlines focus the mind so. :)

The Catch-22 of space access

Yesterday I mentioned how the world faces a Catch-22 style problem with access to space. Simply put the problem is this:

Space access is very expensive and infrequent. At current launch costs, there is very little that can be done in space that is profitable. Ideally we would want lower cost and access to space more frequently, in order to do business there, but making access to space cheaper and more reliable will require a level of investment that can only be justified by significant moneymaking opportunities – which don’t exist because space access is very expensive and infrequent.

It’s a classic circular conundrum. Space is expensive because there are no markets, but there are no markets because space is expensive.

Something’s gotta give, or we’re stuck on this planet for ever.

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