T – 4 days and counting…

Fueling is complete, all valves are closed, and the blog author is coming up to flight pressure :)

Which is to say, he’s sitting here wondering:

Why am I doing this?

At an intellectual level, I think that humanity’s utilization of space is the next big step for civilization. There will be a lot of other ‘big steps’ happening simultaneously in fields as diverse as bio-tech and AI, but I think it will be the eventual settlement of space that ultimately has the biggest effect on us as a species.

That’s the obligatory ‘rational’ answer to the why question, but for me it’s not the real one.

The real reason that I’m doing this isn’t based on a logical argument, but on a visceral passion: The exploration and eventual settlement of space is unbelievably exciting. It’s going to be the most riveting, compelling, and dramatic adventure ever. It’s too cool for words. It rocks. It’s got everything: heroes, danger, rivalries, the unknown, loud explosions and fast – really fast – vehicles.

I look at what’s coming up in the next couple of decades, and can’t help but think –

“This is so cool, someone should be writing all this stuff down. It would make one hell of a good near term, hard SF novel.”

But you know what they say – truth is stranger than fiction. Who knows what we might live to see in the next few years?

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