Prepare for (Re-)Launch

You’ve all heard of a Reusable Launch Vehicle, but how about a Reusable Launch Website?

Well, I can think of a couple of possible meanings, and both of them are relevant: It could mean a website about reusable launch vehicles.


Out of the Cradle is certainly about RLVs, because it’s about what it will take to get humanity (eponymously) “out of the cradle” and on to a significant presence in, and use of, outer space. That requires economies of scale that can’t really happen without a high degree of reusability.

The other meaning is that of a website that is launched multiple times.


Re-launching Out of the Cradle

With the exception of Ken’s awesome Lunar Library, activity here has been (putting it kindly) somewhat sporadic. I’ve been unhappy with this situation for some time, but the free time that comes with the Christmas/New Year break gave me some thinking space, and I’ve concluded that OotC deserves far more effort from me this year than it received in 2006.

Call it a new year’s resolution or whatever, but Out of the Cradle is about to get a whole new lease on life. What better way to start than with a launch? After all, it’s a concept familiar to everyone in the space community.

And since no launch is complete without a terminal count:

… on my mark …

T minus 10 (days) and counting!


Stay tuned for liftoff on January the 15th.

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