Missing out on the trip of a lifetime

This guy has had to turn down the suborbital spaceflight he won from an Oracle promotion, because he can’t afford to pay the tax on the value of the prize.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the guy – if it was me’ i’d be devastated. Luckily for me (though the chances of me winning a spaceflight at this point are remote), I live in a country where winnings are not taxed as income. Yet. (And I live in New Zealand, if you think you’re in the running for a spaceflight prize and you’re looking for a new place to live).

Seriously though, you’d think that the competition organizers would have put some thought into this, and organized a cash co-prize to cover the taxes. I know that this is what Sam at FreeSpaceShot does.

One thought on “Missing out on the trip of a lifetime

  1. If I had to give up a free spaceflight because of taxes, there would definitely be a brief period where I’d contemplate jumping off a bridge. Or selling a kidney.

    It’s too bad he didn’t think to fundraise online to cover his expenses, if some dorky teen can pay off her credit cards, surely something like this could raise enough steam to front a $25K tax bill. :(

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