A win-win business case for COTS?

(Via Clark at HobbySpace RLV and Space Transport News)

An analysis of NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program by aerospace engineering and consulting firm Spaceworks Engineering, shows a potential $6.5 to $7 billion market for COTS services, with the government saving as much as $8 billion over the same period compared to using government-owned vehicles.

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

One thought on “A win-win business case for COTS?

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    not related with COTS but interesting…

    Since the BigelowOrion may appear “too complex” to build and operate, I’ve added an ANIMATION (in the same webpage) that clearly shows how SIMPLE it may be and work and that its habitable space can be THREE TIMES bigger than a capsule!

    Also (if safe) it can be used open at reentry (as an “aerobrake”) to have less “G” for the astronauts!

    BigelowOrion close/open/close ANIMATION here: http://www.gaetanomarano.it/articles/016_BigelowOrion.html


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