“Lunar Explorer” (PC-DVD)

“Lunar Explorer”
VirtuePlay, Inc.
Publisher’s Web Site
Cosmic Log article
The Space Show interview

From the website:
“The VirtuePlay Lunar Explorer is a realistic interactive visual representation of the moon using actual data collected by NASA spacecraft and earthbound telescopes. It uses real-time 3D graphics techniques to provide an immersive virtual environment for the user to explore our nearest neighbor in a variety of ways – at a distance, in orbit, or walking on the lunar surface.”

Best of the Moon 2006 – Moon Media

2 thoughts on ““Lunar Explorer” (PC-DVD)

  1. Actually, it’s a DVD, not a CD.

  2. That must be one of the changes they made after I got my beta copy at this year’s ISDC. Looking at the Starry Night website, I see they do require a DVD drive. I’ll make a note in the entry.

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