Orion CEV mock-up rolled out for media

Orion CEV w/ lunar lander

In this artist’s concept, the Orion CEV docked to a lunar lander,
is depicted orbiting the moon. Credit: Lockheed-Martian

Associated Press reporter recounts his experiences as he tries out Lockheed-Martian’s mock-up of their Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, (CEV). Fresh off of receiving an $8 billion contract to build it, Lockheed-Martian gave media a chance to look over a rough mock-up of the capsule, said to have been built to “get a feel of the geometry” involved with the craft.

The article is posted on MSNBC’s news site.

9 thoughts on “Orion CEV mock-up rolled out for media

  1. This looks like a job for Superman!!!

  2. Clark, where are you???

  3. I’ve exposed him to lethal doses of kryptonite radiation Miss Lane.

  4. My 12th level intellect tells me that Luthor will succeed, then I, Brainiac, shall rule.

  5. I must agree, as my philosophy dictates, as I am a Professor of History.

  6. Holy Takeover, you can not do this. We will fight you to the finish!

  7. What is this? What is going on?
    I do not understand.

  8. YOU RANG!!!

  9. Kirk to Enterprise, are you receiving me???
    Kirk to Orion, if I use the CEV, I can contact Enterprise.
    Please help.

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