Blogging from the ISS, Anousheh tells of her ride to orbit

You really want to take the time to read this. It is an inexpressibly cool story, made even more so by the knowledge that a) it is true, and b) the author is writing it floating in zero gravity far above the Earth on the International Space Station.

As I read this I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had been transported back to being ten years old reading a Boys’ Own – sorry Anousheh – Girls’ Own Adventure story.

But this is real. How cool is that?

4 thoughts on “Blogging from the ISS, Anousheh tells of her ride to orbit

  1. It is with highest pride to write you these few words, thanks so much for your true representation of human race, without looking at our random birth place on this very small planet of ours.

    Me and my twin brother left Iran when we were 17 years old back in 1978, looking back we probably had some of our most precious memory back in Tehran and Bandar Pahlavi. It is great that you have not forgotten your roots.

    Please take care of yourself up there, and come back safe.

    With respect and much pride as just another human being.

    Kavon Shamloo

  2. Looking for Kavon or Darus Pahlavi.Kavon was my Brother- n-law.DO you know what happened to him?

  3. Looking fo Kavon Pahlavi Hillyer,do you know what happened to him also Darus his brother.

  4. alice,
    diane and I were friends for many years, including high school. the last time i saw her she was not doing very well. how is she now? what about her girls? are she and phil prien still married? that was a bad combination. please email me if you are interested and i will give you my maiden name and i think you will remember me.

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