Ansari, Expedition-14 crew arrive at the International Space Station

Anousheh Ansari, X-Prize backer and private astronaut, has arrived at the ISS, along with the station’s new crew. In downlink video of the hatch opening, she could be seen smiling broadly, and wearing an X-Prize cap.

You can read about her adventures in near-real time: she is blogging from the ISS (via email I think) here.

3 thoughts on “Ansari, Expedition-14 crew arrive at the International Space Station

  1. May I ask you about the Moon in the universe.Did you
    see the dark part of the moon,the declining, the
    moonlight in the universe ?
    And Does it allway have a fullmoon in the universe ?
    I am waitting your answer please
    Thank you fro your answers.

  2. Hi! Ansari , Lovely lady
    how are you ?? About my comment
    The earth carried us about 100 miles through,
    The black hostile space around the sun.From the Earth of shadow on the moon at a lunar eclipse,they deduced that our planet is a sphere.From the lenght of shadow in sunlight,i have researched the moon that.the moon is similar a planet and the surface of moon from fullmoon as we view it at the earth,i called it be a mirror because the raysun passes the earth to mirror as we called Moon,thus SM is a straigh line and the E point is middle of SM.
    S=Sun, M=Moon, E=Earth
    Solution,or 2AU is the mean distance from the sun to the moon,about 186 million miles ( An astronomical unit ). Ok
    Miss you, and goodluck for you
    Thank you very much,

  3. Nonnaxay-June14,2008
    At 8:06 AM
    Dear Anousheh,
    Thank you for taking the time to consider about my calculating on second time.
    My best wishes go with you,
    “Both the Sun and the Moon Effect the Tides”
    spring tides are the highest,when the gravity pull of the sun and moon line up along the same axis.when the moon is shadow of the sun,we can compare the gravity effect of the sun and the moon on the tides by knowing their mass and distance of each body from the earth.
    The speed of gravity-what the experiments say:compare with the direction of the visible sun?By direct calculation is a propagating force,this 3 – body ( Sun-Earth-Moon )test for example of the use of retarded potentials.
    The distance between the sun and the moon is approximately 93,246,866.16 miles
    The Sun-Moon Equation:
    The distance of the sun to the moon = Distance of the earth to the sun + Diametre of the earth + Distance of earth to the moon = 93,000000 miles + 8,000 miles + 238,866.16 miles = 93,246,866.16 miles
    Thank you very much

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