Asteroid Itokawa an indepth look

Asteroid ItokawaDid they get the dust or didn’t they? The September issue of Sky & Telescope magazine explores that question in a cover article called Meet Asteroid Itokawa. A discussion of how the asteroid might have been formed, along with Japan’s spacecraft Hayabusa, (falcon) and its attempts to gather soil from the asteroid last year are included in this extensive look at Itokawa. If you don’t have a subscription you will certainly want to pick up a copy of the magazine at your newsstand.

Speaking of Sky & Telescope magazine, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to interview a regular columnist with the publication, Charles A. Wood. Along with the monthly column, Chuck provides us with a website that features a Lunar Photo of the Day. With a PhD in Planetary Geology, stay tuned to find out what else Chuck is doing these days and our discussions of how he spent his wayward youth at Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, mapping the lunar surface and cataloging craters.

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