If at first you don’t succeed…

…try and try again.

That’s got to be the motto for the CALIPSO and CloudSat teams, who despite trying and trying again, are not having a lot of luck getting their Delta-2 ride to orbit to leave Vandenberg. Patience must be the catchword of the day, too: the two teams have just endured their fourth launch scrub in five days. This time it was overly strong winds, right at the altitude where the rocket would be passing through the region of maximum dynamic pressure, or Max-Q. Because the launch window is only one second long, any unplanned hold automatically translates into a scrub.

Must be tough for the satellite teams, heading out there four times, getting all psyched up for the launch of their satellite four times, and then getting hit with the letdown of a scrub. Hang in there, guys! Once your satellites are safely on orbit, you wont care how many tries it took to get them there.

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