“Moonwake – The Lunar Frontier” by Anne & Paul Spudis

Published in 2006 by Xlibris, it weighs in at 131 pages. A few grammatical and spelling errors.

Mike Wren is an unhappy thirteen year-old young man. He’s going to go to Moon whether he likes it or not (he doesn’t) now that his mother has a job as a teacher. His dad has already been commuting to the Moon for his work as a Lunar geologist. Prepared to be miserable, especially since he’s leaving all of his friends behind, he actually finds the families on the Moon to be quite friendly. The education is structured more towards homeschooling projects that are useful, and young Mike quickly finds he has an interest in finishing putting together a rover, and thus do our adventures begin.

This is a fine juvenile in the tradition of “Growing up Weightless” or “Higher Education”, but much more wholesome. It is very well written, and I have no doubt that educational curricula could be drawn up around this book, as with Heinlein’s “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” for World Space Week last year. It is jam-packed with solid Lunar knowledge conveyed in a subtly pedagogic way. The story is engaging for both young men and women, with Mike and Toni as the male and female newly-minted teen protagonists, and their friends Laura and Jason as Lunar visitors. It’s strictly PG, so there’s no concern of questionable content.

While obviously geared towards juveniles, there are probably more than a few grown-ups who could profit from reading it as well, if only to bone up a bit on current Lunar thinking. The authors cover a lot of territory, and must have done one of those Zero-G flights to so accurately describe weightlessness. It’s a quick read, as we barrel from one life-threatening calamity to another. Life on the frontier can be brutal and one has to be careful. Nevertheless, it can also be a place of never-before-seen wonder.

This is a wonderful book, and I wholeheartedly give it a full Moon at perigee.

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