DNA doddles, and some space stuff too

Despite crash, Genesis appears to be to have at least a partial payoff.

“We’ve managed to actually pull something out of this. We’ve done it,” said the mission’s chief scientist Don Burnett, from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

A failed parachute deployment put doubt in the recovery of samples from the $264 million project when it crashed into the high deserts of Utah back in September of 2004.

Not really space related but these two articles (HERE and HERE) lead to stories discussing research efforts to recombine DNA strands. Hopefully this will lead to something useful other than tapping new grant moneys from the National Endowment for the Arts.

On the subject of DNA a Space.Com article has an interesting piece of a recently discovered nebula with a unique twist … the familiar double-helix of a DNA molecule.

So we go from DNA woven maps measuring just a few hundred nanometers (billionths of a meter) across, smaller even than some bacteria – a scale of 1:200 trillion to the DNA nebula is about 80 light-years long. (See, I knew I could find a space tie-in.)

The subject of this next item has become a big news story discussed just about everywhere but I’ll point you to another Space.com article. Lawmakers are taking a hard look at ways to put the science back into NASA’s budget. (On a side note I did get a chuckle from a pop-up advertisement promoting the next installment of the road-tripping brain-dead blondes, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in “The ‘SIMPLE’ Life 3.”)

SpaceX posted this update in preparation for another static fire test.

Falcon 1 Maiden Flight Update: Posted March 15
Falcon 1 has been removed from its hangar and erected on the launch pad. All systems are currently go for a static fire on March 17 or 18, followed by a launch between March 20 and 25.


If available we will try to provide live coverage of at least the launch attempt.

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