One thought on “A closer look at the Crew Launch Vehicle

  1. Stay with the tried and true. We know the CEV based on the Apollo command module worked. Lockheed with it’s top heavy “Retired fighter jock” corporate board was still pushing for a lifting body appraoch. Fortunately NASA came to it’s senses and said “We’re going with a ballistic capsule ‘casue….they work kids.”

    Now we come to the Crew Launch Vehicle. Stay with the tried and true. Now a J-2 engine is being considered for the upper stage/orbital insertion engine. Bravo! They work very well. The technology is well understood.

    USing proven technolgy instead of developing conceptual equipment can reduce costs and preserve the Vison For Space Exploration well past this present administration and also save dollars for development of the new Lunar Module which will also (hopefully) use tried and true technolgy and concepts…’cause they worked in 1969 and should work today.

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