Space briefs…or what I missed during my holiday vacation

Yes Mr. President…um…ma’am
The other day Bob Werb, co-founder of the Space Frontier Foundation had a conversation with the President of the United States. Well, not exactly…

In a piece titled “What If…” Bob relates a little thought exercise on what if you had the ear of the President in an earnest conversation about opening up space for human settlement. A conversation the President…um…herself, initiated I might add. There is something Freudian that could probably be said about the first female President calling Bob, for advice but I digress.

Competition is good…
…and may have already reached the Lunar tourism arena, before there is even any Lunar tourism. That sentiment comes to us via an article in Pravda.

The item explains that there are at least two non-government agencies that have put forth plans to provide similar services that have “much-been-talked-about” and for considerably less than the $100 million price tag being tossed around.

I’m trying hard not to imagine the “No Frills” version of rattling around in a glorified soup can for a week…

Sometimes being a slow reader pays off
A week after Space released the Final Draft of NASA ESAS Final Report, (dated October 2005), they were able to provide us with the November 2005 version which has received NASA Administrator Michael Griffin’s stamp of approval. Since I had down-loaded, but not yet completed reading the October version, I’m glad for the heads-up on this new release.

Although the mega-sized report is presented in its entirety, it has been broken down into manageable pieces of 17 pdf files, one for each section of the report. The report is stuffed full of charts, diagrams and graphics us layman love as well as the nitty-gritty details for the number crunchers out there.

Since the final, final draft of the final report, which will be the one coming back from Congress, might not be seen for a while, you may want to give this rendition a look-see.

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