Comments are working properly now

There was a slight hiccup with the introduction of comments in our site redesign – some idiot left the blog software configured to require registration before you could post a comment, despite the fact that we haven’t set up such a registration process.

Never mind.

Said idiot (alright, yes it was me), has rectified the situation – you should now be able to post away in the comments section just fine. You don’t have to register to comment, however if you want to join in the general discussion going on over at the forums, you will have to register there.

If you see anything else broken in the new design, I want to know about it! Give me a yell at rob *at* outofthecradle *dot* net.


4 thoughts on “Comments are working properly now

  1. See, they really *do* work, honest!


  2. Yay, shiny comment form! 😀

    (And yes, I was wondering about the registration process, haha. Thanks for clarifying.)

  3. …and this illustrates why I’m letting Rob take all the credit for the new design work, (well, that and the fact he DID all the work for the new design.)


  4. Yeah! Great site by the way. Love the new look. :)

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