Sneak Peek

I’m trying to put together an interview with Dick Rutan, but if I can’t get it ready for posting in time I wanted to be sure to make folks aware of this up coming program on the History Channel.

25,000 Miles Non-Stop: Voyager Aircraft.
Airs on Saturday, November 12 at 4:00pm ET

In the pre-dawn darkness of December 14, 1986, a peculiar aircraft lumbers down an immense runway in the California high desert. With a wingspan larger than a 727, it weighs scarcely 2000 pounds when empty. Maverick aircraft designer Burt Rutan has designed this plane to fly nonstop around the globe. With his brother, decorated fighter pilot Dick Rutan at the controls, this is the moment of truth–the culmination of six years of work. The bizarre craft, Voyager, is like no flying machine ever built. When Voyager does get airborne, there are nine more days of perilous near-death experiences as it attempts to set the last great aviation record. TVPG — from The History Channel


On the heels of Global Flyer’s successful solo efforts to fly around the world non-stop and without refueling, it would be good to review the accomplishments of the adventurous pair that did it nearly 19 years ago.

Stay tuned for the interview with Dick and his views on the Global Flyer event, what new record breaking attempts he has in store in a just a few weeks and a whole lot more.

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