Back from a business trip

Observant OotC readers will have noticed that Mark has been holding the fort for the last week or so. I’ve been off doing day-job work in Australia. I’m back now though, and I thought that might be a good excuse for a Great Big List-O-Links Roundup:

  • Leonard David at talks about Neil Armstrong’s recent 60 Minutes interview.
  • NASA’s budget for implementing the vision for space exploration is coming up a little short. (Robert Zimmerman had some interesting thoughts on this at The Space Show recently. The archived program is here. He was contrasting Griffin’s approach of being upfront and honest about implementation costs with that of previous administrators who were happy to low-ball project costs to get things started, and then pay the price of bailing them out later. It will be interesting to see how this plays out).
  • SpaceShot have announced their management team. (You can read OotC’s interview with SpaceShot CEO Sam Dinkin here).
  • NASA now has legal cover to purchase Russian Soyuz and Progress flights to ISS. And they don’t seem to have wasted any time raising a purchase order. (Thanks to NASA Watch for the RIA Novosti link).
  • Boy band singer Lance Bass once tried to play a gig on the ISS. Sir Paul McCartney may have been less inclined to travel to orbit, but recently played a gig broadcast live to the ISS.
  • The CEO of Northrop Grumman waxes poetic about the promise of space exploration. It’s all good stuff, but given the current CEV competition, it all seems a little self-interested to this (slightly cynical) space observer. It would be more encouraging if we also heard this kind of speech from Big Aerospace when there were not multi-billion dollar NASA contracts up for grabs.
  • Rocketplane is looking for more money. (Link via HobbySpace).
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