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  1. Ken,

    I am working on the new lunar lander and lunar destination surface systems. I am trying to collect the measurements of lunar surface temperature taken in situ by the Surveyor and Apollo missions, particularly for the lunar dawn temperatures that the six Apollo landings enjoyed.


  2. Hi Marc,

    The Lunar Sourcebook briefly discusses the surface temps for the Apollo Missions (ร‚ยง3.5). Most of the work seems to have been done by Langseth back in 1970s relating to heat-flow experiments. (unfortunately I don’t seem to have any of these papers in the LL).
    -I checked the “Physical Properties” volumes of the two “Lunar Science Conference” proceedings that I have (1 & 4) and didn’t see anything in there.
    -The Apogee book on Surveyor didn’t have any details, and it’s not apparent that they had the equipment to test the soil temperatures.
    -Baldwin’s “a fundamental survey of the [m]oon” (1965) notes the work of determining the surface temperature of the Moon from the Earth, largely through infrared & radio microwave techniques.
    -French’s “The Moon Book” touches on some of the work to determine Lunar soil temperatures, including the Apollo 15 Heat Flow experiment.
    -Wilhelm’s “To a Rocky Moon” also seems to indicate that remote sensing of the temperatures is how they were derived.
    The only other suggestion I would have would be to check the “Apollo Lunar Surface Journal” website.
    Thanks for the question. I only wish I could answer it more definitively.


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